Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Small update.

Sorry humble objects.  I have had real life come up again.  I had to leave where I had gone to earlier this year (Houston).  That situation wasn't good so I went to stay with my dad for a few months, he said he wanted to see me and that he could use a bit of help with the rent.  That didn't work out either, thanks to his wife, my stepmother.  I then went to spend 2 weeks with my mom.  While there the cooling fan on the laptop I had bought the month before went out.  I ordered the part 2 days before Thanksgiving, it got there the Monday after.  I called the place there in town that would have repaired it but they couldn't guarentee that it would be ready Wednesday before I left town.  I then took it with me to my new home.  Las Vegas.  Yes, I am in Sin City and it seems pretty cool so far.  I have some things aside from this that I don't want family in my business.  I have 2 roommates, both female and one of them is taken, the other has a wild lifestyle so probably neither is an option.

I hate going inactive on you guys and gals but this has been a terrible year for me.  I am thankful I was able to get this laptop and put my desktop into storage.  Saves on luggage carry on fees and stuff like that.  Thanks for bearing with me.  If I disappear again, somebody check my two roommates' closets.  I may be in there in one shape or another.  :)

The bad thing about the downtime was I don't have Adobe photoshop and a program or 2 on here that I use for the transformation captions.  I will get that on here ASAP so I can post a new one.  (Suggestions are welcome).  Again, thanks for bearing with me through this year.  Hopefully it will work out here.

Her humble object, master369.


  1. Hope you're able to start captioning again soon! While you're out, feel free to stop by new (again) caption blog! If you'd like to add me to your blog list, I'd appreciate it!

    1. I think you had a blog a while back. I am glad to see you back online. Yes, i will caption again soon, just have to get caught up here and get photoshop installed on here. :) I will add your blog to the list here.